Kenta Cobayashi + Yuuki Takada

October 2015
Venue: Vacant, Tokyo

Artists: Kenta Cobayashi (Photographs) & Yuuki Takada (Sound & Programming)
Curated by Kohei Oyama (NewFave)
Produced by Ivan Vartanian (Goliga)

Film by Hirotatsu Koarai, Yohei Watanabe

This performance event combines the work of photographer Kenta Cobayashi and sounds that have been programmed by Yuuki Takada. Cobayashi makes extensive use of Photoshop to adulterate his image. With programming, the movement of the photographer’s cursor on the screen generates a responsive sound that is mixed live by Takada during the performance. This pairing is an attempt to go beyond the treatment of audio as background music or a soundtrack. This performance is an exploration of the porous relationship between sound and image. Sound effects correspond to clicks, which also triggered picture distortion, scrolling and shortcut commands. Sound inputs were from contact microphones attached to the photographer’s chest, the cooling fan of peripheral device (laser printer), and a container of breath mints.