Sohei Nishino

10 Prints, Inkjet,
each measuring 10 x 16 cm
(3.9 x 6.3 inches)
Signed and numbered

Edition of 110
Packaged in Wood and Acrylic Box
Released in September 2014

Edition of 56
Packaged in Wood and Acrylic Box
Released in May 2015

Edition of 42
Packaged in Cloth-covered Box
Released in November 2015

Edition of 72
Packaged in Cloth-covered Box
Release in December 2015

$410 Each
Includes Shipping 

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Sohei Nishino's large-scale dioramas are the result of an elaborate, time-consuming process. Each diorama map is dedicated to one city and is comprised of thousands of exposures. In collaboration with the artist, Goliga has created a complement of formats to experience these diorama maps in different ways: Live installations in different cities, an interactive website, and a limited-edition mini-portfolio, which can be purchased through the microsite.

The four individual cities in this project are Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Participants can choose to purchase a collection of 10 of these prints, which are delivered in a hand-made custom box. Each of the prints are unique. As prints from the diorama maps are selected and sold, they are removed from the map and no longer available. By taking away parts of the map, the project participants will help to complete the large endeavor of this edition, which is to distribute one diorama map amongst many different individuals. Each person will possess one part of a whole, all of who are dwellers in a larger city, occupying their own small part of a city.

Each edition comes in a numbered and signed box that includes a Poster of the diorama map, a booklet about the making of the diorama map, and a signed Colophon.

SOHEI NISHINO Born in Hyogo in 1982. Nishino began his diorama map series while a university student at Osaka University of Arts. He was given an Excellence Award of Canon New Cosmos Photography Award in 2005, and has since participated in several group shows, international festivals and solo exhibitions all over the world, including the Out of Focus exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London (2012), Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.10 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo (2012), A Different Kind of Order: ICP Triennial at ICP in NY (2013). He has recently awarded as newcomer's award or Photographic society of Japan awards of 2013 and also selected as one of the artists for Foam Talent call 2013 of Foam magazine.

On this NHK special, Ivan Vartanian discusses working with Sohei Nishino.