Kensuke Koike

Acrylic Bars: 290 x 10 x 10 mm x 16
Brass Frame: 267.5 x 27 mm
Cherry Wood Base: 217 x 57 mm

Total dimensions: 322.5 x 217 x 57 mm

Signed and numbered colophon.
This edition will be available for purchase until September 30th, 2020.

This edition is currently available for pre-order.
Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Versus by Kensuke Koike
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Artist Kensuke Koike produces unique pieces that involves manipulation of a vintage print. The image of a smiling baby, with a few cuts and reorientation, can transform into a wailing demon. A plane in mid-flight converts into a UFO. Each of Koike’s absurdist and surprising constructions are intricate and to an equal degree precise. To generate a single artwork, Koike’s preparation is extensive and the execution process comes down to the precision with a razor’s edge. Moreover each work is unique. Versus is the first and only multiple edition by Koike, extending his single-image processing of his artwork to a sculptural multiple format. Akin to his slicing of images, four images have been printed directly onto the four sides of clear acrylic bars. The viewer can animate the image segments by sliding a cloud-like shape at the bottom of the sculpture. The viewer is free to rotate and rearrange the image segments to yield unexpected results.

Each sculpture is prepared and finished by hand.

Kensuke Koike (b. 1980) is a Japanese artist based in Venice, Italy. His work has been exhibited internationally in solo exhibitions as well as art and photography festivals. His books include self-published artists’ books as well as publications issued with Printed Matter, Jiazazhi, (M) éditions, and Skinnerboox. Koike has been commissioned by numerous brands, including Gucci, Moncler, Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo, Meiji Chocolate, San Pellegrino, and De' Longhi.