Charlotte Dumas
Three Horses


Charcoal ink on cotton paper with serigraph.
48 x 33 cm (19 x 13 inches).
Signed on verso by the artist. Unframed.

Prints will be available to ship after April 9th.

This suite of three horses — Noir, Gris, and Blanc — evolved from Dumas’ extensive engagement with the horses of Japan and Okinawa. Each horse image is serigraph-printed by hand onto Kakita, a cotton Japanese paper developed specifically for printmaking. Reminiscent of sumi-e drawing, Dumas has applied brushwork to the prints, making each unique. There are fourteen to sixteen variations of each horse.


Shown here is the artist’s preferred framing style. Between the walnut frame and the other edge of the print there is a 12mm space. The print is not mounted. Rather, it is hinged to mount to create a “floating” effect. If you would like your prints to be framed in this manner, please send an email to discuss pricing and shipping.


Dumas wrote the following about the process of working on this edition:

Brush strokes respond to the shape of horses.

Isolating the horses from their surrounding brings emphasis to their shape.

The subject — transformed to contours — becomes sculptural.

To respond to these by adding an emotion in the form of a brush stroke makes total sense to me now. It gives me a possibility to react to my own work and look back at my own development, while giving me the freedom to reflect with abstraction. With the use of my hands, the brush’s immediacy relates to the mere moment in which a photograph is taken.

The ink too, in conjunction with the paper, adds some loss of control and counterbalances the seemingly-so and carefully composed image. Then there are all the beautiful visual connections with the hairs of the brush, literally citing the hairs of the horses.

CHARLOTTE DUMAS Throughout her career, Dumas focuses on the relationship between human and animals in contemporary society and has exhibited portraits of animals situated in a variety of situations. Dumas has participated in a several group shows and held solo exhibitions mainly in Europe and the United States. She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has an ever-growing collection of colorful socks.

Noir 1

Noir 4

Noir 7

Noir 10

Noir 13

Noir 16

Noir 2

Noir 5 (Sold)

Noir 8 (Sold)

Noir 11

Noir 14

Noir 3

Noir 6

Noir 9

Noir 12 (Sold)

Noir 15

Gris 1 (Sold)

Gris 4 (Sold)

Gris 2

Gris 5 (Sold)

Gris 3

Gris 6 (Sold)

Gris 7

Gris 10

Gris 13 (Sold)

Gris 8

Gris 11 (Sold)

Gris 14

Gris 9

Gris 12

Gris 15 (Sold)

Blanc 1 (Sold)

Blanc 4

Blanc 7

Blanc 10 (Sold)

Blanc 13

Blanc 2 (Sold)

Blanc 5

Blanc 8

Blanc 11

Blanc 14

Blanc 3

Blanc 6

Blanc 9

Blanc 12