Sound-and-Vision: Part 1

In April 2015, I invited photographer Daisuke Yokota and musician Aki Onda to combine their talents to produce a performance, which we did inside the New York Public Library. Onda created an improvisational soundscape using the auditorium’s acoustics and the massive amplifiers we rented. Yokota projected his images across three screens, using two 35mm slide projectors and a digital monitor. Even though Onda’s sound was improvisational, Yokota’s images were pre-programmed. I produced a second performance in October 2015 with photographer Kenta Cobayashi with sound by Yuuki Takada and curated by Newfave’s Kohei Oyama. I won’t describe too much of what’s happening but the idea here was to go beyond treating the audio as background music or a soundtrack. I am looking to make two more performances that explore this porous relationship between sound and image. Perhaps these will turn into a suite of four performances? I’m not exactly sure what I am searching for but there seems to be plenty more room for exploration.